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>> Cellulose film

We offer the highest quality, colorless film cellulose (cellophane, tomofan), used in the food industry for thermal processing of various types of products. The properties of tomofan very good permeability, and the smoke is very eco-friendly because it is made of natural cellulose which is a component, so that the environment is rapidly biodegradable. Hams, cheeses and other products wrapped in this film are juicy, and most importantly, free of soot and other pollutants that accompany the smoking process.
The advantage of the film is its resistance to high temperature (200 ° C), luster and memory pivots (e.g., which is important in. For the production of lollipops). The use of foil makes products smoked (or baked), in a cellulose film, behave naturally, distinct flavor, giving our body more vitamins and minerals than during traditional heat treatment.

We offer standard dimensions of our products, which are adapted to the requirements of the meat industry (for individual customer needs we can prepare the product for other dimensions):

Typical dimensions cellulose film:
- Role: 300mm, 400mm, 480mm, 600mm, 680mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
- Sheet: 1000 x 1200mm, 500 x 600mm.
- Possibility of any size rolls and a sheet on request

WARNING - A novelty in our offer:
CELOKAN +  is a new, improved cellulose film with improved performance and durability in view of highest standard packaging meat products. Sizes rolls: 400mm, 480mm, 600mm, 680mm, 800mm.

folia wiskozowa celofan

folia celulozowa do szynki celokan


>> Studs sausage, floki

Sticks, pins, floki sausage serve to szpilkowania ends of the intestine, close stuffing meat in the intestines. With the pins to the products will look like traditional. The ends are cut at an angle to better pierce the intestines. Stud length of 5-6 cm.

folia celulozowa do szynki celokan


>> Flowers films

We offer a transparent film for flowers - cellophane which is characterized by a very high gloss and high transparency. The package contains 50 sheets of foil, film thickness of 30 microns.
The film is ideal for:
- Packing flowers, bouquets, gift baskets
- Wrapping gifts, gifts
- Any other application

Sizes films:
- 50x70cm
- 100x70cm
- 100x140cm

folia celulozowa do szynki celokan


>> The service cuts

We offer a service cut of the film and all kinds of paper into smaller size sheet or roll to roll.

>> Production of pellets, EKO litter timber

Litter is a universal pellets used as bedding for pets such as cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, birds. It has the shape of a roller having a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 6 to 12 mm. It is a natural product developed from micro-fiber wood without chemical additives. It has a very high absorption of odors and well connected, is friendly to the environment and animals, it can be easily removed by sanitary because it is 100% biologically odbudowywalny. These granules through its properties creates a natural and friendly environment for your pet, and we provides a simple and convenient way to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in each litter box and cage.

- High absorbency
- Deodorizability
- Ease of removal
- naturalness
- Biodegradable.

folia wiskozowa celofan


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