We place great emphasis on the matter biodegradation and ecology
We care about the environment
We are constantly expanding group of customers for our products
Our products meet the highest quality standards
Ecology + High Quality = KANTOREX


For over 20 years we have been processing and packaging of cellulose film, unpainted and painted for use in the meat industry, chemical and food - packaging of cheese, meat products (ham), pastries (gingerbread cookies, lollipops), chemical products (candles, cubes toilet, etc). We have many years of experience in the distribution of cellulose film of high quality, ecological and safe for human health (cellulose, as a component of the film is 100% biodegradable and therefore not harmful to the surrounding environment).

Our products are manufactured in all dimensions required, with various weights. Our offer includes both film colorless and colored. Successively we make expansion into new markets - now our products are available in Poland and in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe (including Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine). We are open for cooperation with new partners - its offer is addressed mainly to meat processing plants, wholesale trade supplying meat industry and confectionery, as well as to manufacturers of plastic packaging.

cellulose film